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Last update: 2023/11/23

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  1. Anonymous

    There are also who listens to BL audios here, reason why admin is uploading for them as well. Also, if only these people know how audio dramas are expensive and exhausting to convert wav to mp3 files one by one, and then upload to the site. Admin buying these for us and sharing it for free is already a huge blessing. People sometimes forget to be patient and thankful. I’m not saying ALL people but some are. These are the main reasons why some drama cd blogs have stopped sharing too. Also, we could ask nicely as well. Idk if some of u are aware, but some of u are sounding demanding. Just to remind u, admin originally just posts for male audiences, then they saw us otome fans who are having a hard time listening to free otome audios in Soundcloud, reason why admin posted in SC, sharing the japaneseasmr site. And then admin saw how some male guys were being rude to us otome listeners, reason why admin even giving us our own otome space here.

    Admin i just wanna say that we appreciate all your hardwork. Forgive us if some people sometimes forget these things. Anyway, have a nice weekend!

  2. Anonymous

    It’s bc there are female & also male audience too who listens to otome works here and bl works here. And I agree to the other anon here, let’s be patient and also be kind in asking. Admin is working hard on two sites, and getting audios are expensive and it’s also hard to upload them here as mp3 audios bc mostly audio files are wav files which is big sizes. Imagine how hard it is. We are just listening for free here. So I think it’s best to just ask nicely, and be patient. Also know that u guys are not the only listeners here in this site. There are others who enjoys it too. Admin is just being kind in providing the other listeners who enjyos bl too. Hope u understand it. >.<

  3. Anonymous

    @admin enough already with with BL asmr’s here , WHERE’S THE OTHER NEW OTOME ASMRS

    you have only put ONE new otome asmr here but enough is ENOUGH already with the BL , go back to otome asmr’s ( and I know you pick at random but the BL are a turn off already)

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